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Aleksey Kirillov and Ksusha,

Kirillovsmusic - Hot Summer

Summer-2017 has come! Here's our new summer track! You can find it on all music stores and services -
Kirillovsmusic on Apple Music Apple Music, Kirillovsmusic on Google Play Music Google Music, Kirillovsmusic on Google Play Music Yandex Music, Spotify etc.
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Kirillovsmusic - Hot Summer

Kirillovsmusic - Cool Rave

03.03.2013 the album Kirillovsmusic - Cool Rave released. 13 tracks. Only dance music in different genres. But it's not just a music, there are songs made in the best traditions of 90th: with rap, powerfull vocal and other special effects :) The album available in iTunes, Amazon and other online stores.

Kirillovsmusic - Cool Rave
Kirillovsmusic - Cool Rave available on CD in

Kirillovsmusic - Cool Rave CD


Kirillovsmusic - "Knight With Guitar". Just a song. Not in our style but sometimes we do such acoustic experiments...


Kirillovsmusic - "Fake World". Playing games, hanging on social networks? This new song is for you! :)

New video!!!

Here's video from "The Dancing Man" TV-show. New videos are coming soon!


Kirillovsmusic on iTunes
Kirillovsmusic - Cool Rave in iTunes for all happy users of Apple devices.
Kirillovsmusic on
Kirillovsmusic - Cool Rave in Amazon if you prefer DRM-free mp3.
Kirillovsmusic on SoundCloud. A lot of unreleased compositions, new experimental tracks and co-works.


Kirillovsmusic channel at, where you can find our music video and a lot of other staff.

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